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Rotting Christ - In Yumen Xibalba
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Rotting Christ - In Yumen Xibalba
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Текст песни Rotting Christ - In Yumen Xibalba
Welcome to my dark kingdom, behind the sun

To breathe to win your freedom, you are being trialed hard

The flames the blazes the fire the dazzling blasts
The freaks the bats the razors, thirsty for blood
The wolves the hungry jaguars the evil laugh
They only want to kill you they want your life

How deep you hide your fear how aweless you are
Do you baptize your spear in torrid blood?
Can you detain your tear, the pulse of heart
Welcome to my dark kingdom behind the sun

In yumen xibalba

Yetel Noh Yum E'hoch'e'en Xibalba
Ola Noh Yuum Keban Xibalba

In yumen xibalba
In yumen xibalba

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